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Our 2023 Election Guides

October 11, 2023

Your Cheat Sheet to the 2023 General Elections

Explore our guide to dozens of elections to watch this fall, from governors and lawmakers to DAs and mayors.

Chronicling the Country’s Fragmented Elections

There are thousands of public officials, elected on vastly varying schedules, with decisive roles in policy-making.

Our cheat sheets and databases offer readers a collection of resources that clarify who has the power to do what, and how they come to be in power in the first place. Created in 2018 by Daniel Nichanian, What’s on the Ballot joined Bolts in 2022.

Our resources on election administration

Who Runs Our Elections?

Our database compiles, state-by-state, the local offices who are responsible for administering elections at the county and municipal level.

Who Counts Our Elections?

Who are the local and state officials who are responsible for counting, canvassing, and certifying elections?

Everything you need to know about state supreme courts

Your State-by-State Guide to Every State Supreme Court

Bolts breaks down the structure, selection procedures, and functions of each state’s highest court.

Our calendars of criminal justice elections

Which Counties Elect Their Prosecutors and Sheriffs in 2022?

Under the hood of the federal midterms, 2022 will shape criminal legal institutions around the nation.

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Revisit our 2022 Election Guides

Your Cheat Sheet to the 2022 General Elections

Our guide to hundreds of elections to watch closely up and down the ballot, from judges and senators to secretaries of state and mayors.

What to Watch in the Primaries from September 6 to September 13

Here are the 29 elections that Bolts is watching in Massachusetts, Delaware, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

What to Watch in the August 23 Primaries

Florida, New York, and Oklahoma head to the polls on Tuesday to settle their primaries.

What to Watch in the Primaries between August 9 and August 16

28 elections to watch across Alaska, Connecticut, Hawaii, Minnesota, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Wyoming, for governor, prosecutor, Congress, and more.

What to Watch in the August 2 and August 4 Primaries

The 36 elections to watch across Arizona, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Tennessee, and Washington.

What to Watch in the June 28 Primaries

Here are 44 elections that matter across Colorado, Illinois, Mississippi, Nebraska, New York, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Utah.

What to Watch in the June 14 Primaries

Voters are settling primaries in Maine, Nevada, North Dakota, and South Carolina, and Texas holds a competitive special election.

What to Watch in the June 7 Primaries

Here are 58 key races on one of 2022’s busiest election days, as voters settle primaries in California, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, and South Dakota.

What to Watch in the May 24 Primaries

Your guide to dozens of elections that are worth watching on Tuesday in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, and Texas, from state supreme courts and governors to local DAs.

What to Watch in the May 17 Primaries

Bolts is following dozens of primaries as Idaho, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oregon, and Pennsylvania head to the polls.

What Primaries to Watch from May 3 to May 10

Indiana, Ohio, Nebraska, and West Virginia settle heated primaries for senator, secretary of state, and more. Here are 26 elections to watch.

What to Watch in Wisconsin’s April 5 Elections

On the menu are elections for school board and for offices that touch on the mounting fights around election administration.

What to Watch in the Texas Primaries

The 40 elections in the Texas primary that Bolts is watching, and why they matter.

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