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! BREAKING NEWS: Dec 17, 2021 Please be informed that during WINTER HOLIDAY tea production is on pause. Due to this intermittence, we are not able to ship between DEC. 28, 2021 and JAN. 6 2022. We will resume dispatching orders from the 6th of January 2022. Happy New Year!

Shincha vs New Tea

What does Shincha mean? What is the difference between Shincha and New tea? When do they become available? Find the answers to these questions here! ...


Comparing Japanese Handleless Teapots: Shiboridashi vs. Hōhin

What are similarities and differences, which material is best, care and maintenance... Learn what you need to know about shiboridashi and hōhin. ...


Essential Guide to Owning a Matcha Whisk (Chasen)

Are you interested in using bamboo matcha whisk, but are confused with where to begin? Use our comprehensive guide to learn how to select, use, clean and store a chasen. ...


Rules of International Shipping

A short overview of International Shipping; what are the ways, costs and prices, how long does it take, and what should we do to make sure everything goes well. Find some answers here ...


Your Guide to Japanese Green Tea Flavors & Aromas

Much like a well-aged wine, high-quality green tea offers a complete sensory experience—from color and aroma to flavor and finish. Read more to understand which characteristics you prefer ...


What Kind of Matcha Do You Want to Buy?

If you are new to matcha, this article helps you to decide what do you need ...


Welcome to the World of Raku Tea Bowls

Rakuchawan is not an ordinary tea bowl but is a luxury tea bowl for the sheer pleasure of drinking Matcha tea. Drinking Uji Matcha tea from such Rakuchawan is a luxurious time for you. ...


Essential Guide to Choosing the Perfect Japanese Tea Set

Are you shopping for a high-quality Japanese Tea Set, but are confused with too many options. Use our comprehensive guide to find your perfect Japanese Tea Set. ...


How to Measure Quality When Buying Japanese Green Tea

Find out whether or not what you're buying really is high-quality green tea by three important visual cues: the shape, color and brightness of the leaves. ...


Japanese Green Tea: Satisfy Your Senses with 10 Shades of Green

Become a discerning tea drinker with our essential guide to the colors, flavors, and aromas of Japanese green tea - you'll never experience tea the same way again. ...

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