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Created 09-07-2019
Descripción The drop in silver was the biggest in long time. Silver and gold are still the safest hedges in economic crisis. I read this article by Dr. David Eifrig Cheap Christian Kirksey Jersey ,editor, Retirement Millionaire, Here’s What to Do About the Big Drop in Silver. The article stated, “I don’t think there’s going to be a big crisis in America soon. I’m no “doom and gloom” analyst. I don’t think the dollar is going to collapse. And I don’t think you need to stock up on bottled water, bullets Cheap Joel Bitonio Jersey , and live in a bomb shelter. I own plenty of U.S. stocks and bonds, and I recommend you do the same. But I also believe in insurance. I believe in staying “hedged.” For many years, my job at Wall Street bank Goldman Sachs was to develop and implement advanced hedging strategies for wealthy clients and corporations. The goal with these strategies was to protect jobs, wealth, and profits from unforeseen events. During those years Cheap Derrick Kindred Jersey , I learned a big difference between wealthy people and poor people. Wealthy people almost always own plenty of hedges and insurance. They consider what could happen in worst-case scenarios and take steps to protect themselves. Poor people tend to live with “blinders” on. They do things like keep their retirement fund in just one or two stocks. which is incredibly risky.
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