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Created 18-10-2018
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Descripción In this article I will go through a few important things that we should usually keep in your mind before embarking on the African safari. Electrical: Many of Africa uses 220-240V AC so it is highly recommended to purchase a power adapter that can convert or perhaps support this use. Avoiding this can risk the possibility of starting a fire Black Justin Evans Jersey , electrocuting yourself as well as worse cause death. Please take caution as well as assure you purchase the right adapter because no one wants we to hurt your self. Currency exchange I would highly advise we to carry US dollars as many businesses accept foreign currency. Other currencies that would work fine include the Euro and the British pound. Forex exchange points are all over Africa but many offer different rates. Avoid those at airports and Hotels as they usually offer a lower exchange rate. My information is to try private exchange points or any Western Union points around your town. PASSPORT:
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